About Us

Who We are?

Sarva Unnati India Foundation or SUIF is the non-profit organization focusing on important topics to generate awareness. Around the world, there are areas which have several issues or good things. Our aim is to generate awareness and spread the knowledge about both the good and the issues. Plus we want to help people who are working well in the world and want to share their stories on our blog.

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Currently we are focusing on collecting information on several live topics that can help people to understand. These topics include the environment and human related areas. In our blog, SUIF wants to know our visitors that we do a lot of research and post it in our blogs.

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Generally, people know what is actually happening around but sometimes they don’t want to focus on it. But SUIF wants them to understand the truth behind a certain topics and why we are raising that particular topic.  

We Focus On Change

There are lots of top non-profit organizations around the world. And even they focus on such issues. But they are still unable to reach few potential readers. It is for a noble cause, if we work and reach also few of them.

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We even want to favour our non-profit organization in India which helps people for a noble cause. If someone is working somewhere, we are ready to take the information and publish the article after verifying it. We will be happy to put such information on our blogs and share it across the world.

We Support The Supporters

There are many supporters for different types of non-profits in India who are fundraising for nonprofits for needy. If any supporter found us worthy, it will be a great thing that we will surely are in mood to help people. Although, we are in beginning with becoming the best nonprofit organizations in India and we are working on it.

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Best organization doesn’t mean to only raise funds, but to show people how things can be good or are actually good. People are there to support people when needed and so to the environment also. Things changes and things will change if someone really wants to. All you need is to take a step forward to do it and things will start to be done in your way.