Air pollution -make you choke

According to a Lancet report around 1.67 million deaths happened in India and it contributes to 18% of all fatalities. Everyone knows What is Air Pollution but no one is serious about it.

Air Pollution increases every year therefore as a result health issues are also increasing like (respiratory infections, heart issues, lung cancer).

Therefore it is a consequential issue that the government should take measures on it.

There are many factors that we  should know about air pollution viz.

  • What is air pollution? Why is it increasing?
  • What are the causes of air pollution?
  • How does air pollution affect the health of human beings and other living beings?
Air Pollution
Air Pollution

What is Air Pollution?

Air Pollution comprises hazardous substances which are natural substances and human made substances.

  • Human -made sources of Air Pollution:
  1. Fuel combustion  from motor vehicles.
  • Heat and Power generation.
  • Industrial facilities.

Approximately about 10 percent of air pollution is done by human -made factors.

   Natural sources of Air Pollution.

  1. Emission of Natural Gases.
  • UV-Rays, Cosmic rays.
  • Volcanic eruptions.

What are the causes of Air Pollution?

As we are seeing that by every passing year air pollutants have made fresh and clean air next to impossible. Increased air pollution forced everyone to think twice about their health.

Here we have a list of 6 air pollution causes which affect living beings in a rigorous way.

1.Fuel Combustion from transportation

Due to the increase in number of vehicles, especially in urban cities air pollution rises. It produces gasoline which is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day. Vehicles also produce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen. When these gases are present in high percentage then it causes various health issues.

2.Burning of Garbage Waste

There are many reasons that we should not burn the garbage waste. Above all, it produces lot of harmful chemicals which is harmful for human body.

According to India Today Report in 2019 ,India will produce approx. 1.50 lakh metric tone(MT) of solid waste on a daily basis. Open burning of garbage waste can cause serious illness leading to cancer, liver issues, weak immune system etc.

Garbage waste
Garbage waste

3.Construction and Destruction

National capital recorded the highest number of  air pollutants complaints and it is due to construction and deconstruction which increases the hazardous particles in the air.

Due to this the air quality index of Delhi comes under the category of severe which means it will seriously affect humans.

4.Use of plastics and chemical products

We always talk about air pollution but we never try to change our habits like we use plastics in our daily life like milk packets, plastic bottles, poly bags which are very difficult to recycle and it takes many years to decompose

However these things are 10 times more harmful for living beings. Our planet sink due to plastic pollution -it’s time for change


Every year some parts of the country gets polluted due to Burning stubble and farm residue and their air quality index(AQI)shifts to severe because it emits  chemical gases and creates smog.

Smog makes the air hazy and it creates breathing problem in humans & animals and it also kills plants.

6. Industrial Emission contribute to Air Pollution

Industries produce toxic air pollutants that affect the air quality badly. Nitrogen dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide are the major pollutant sources from industries.



Worry about Air Pollution? Warrior Moms are here to fight against bad Air we breathe.

A group of mothers which are very conscious for the environment and for the air we breathe. That’s why all the Warrior Moms take joint action  to raise the voice against air pollution and run the awareness programmed to breathe clean air.

Warrior Moms

Amid the Pandemic, Warrior Moms realizes the importance of a good respiratory system ,since people who have weak respiratory systems find it hard to recover themselves from the Covid-19 virus.

It’s high time for all of us, up to which extent all these things will go, we should fight so that our future generations should breathe clean, says Bhavreen Kandhari, mother of 2 daughters who resides in Delhi and she fights for this major issue and other Environmental issues.

For this initiative more than 1000 womens join hands and numbers are increasing. They choose the name Warrior Moms  because they are now operating on a war scale.

They explains that “Mothers will go to all ends of the world for the benefit of their children. The name is a reflection of that commitment.

So to fight against this all moms used social media campaigns and conversations for wider reach. Their mission is to reduce the emission for the sake of their children.

Warrior Moms plans for Air Pollution
Warrior Moms plans for Air Pollution,(Source: Times of India)
How does Air Pollution Effects human beings or Environment?
Health effects due to air pollution
Health effects due to Air pollution, (Source:
1.Global Warming

Global warming is the effect when carbon dioxide (CO2) ,other air pollutants collect in the atmosphere. Most of these emissions  are produced by industries that’s why the government mandates social responsibility for all factories and companies.

2.Climate effect

We see a lot of disturbance in the climate cycles. Have you ever wondered why temperatures increase in summer or why rain happens when there is no season , the reason is climate change? Climate change is a change in climate patterns and it indicates disturbance in the weather.

3.Smog effect
smog effects
Smog effects ,( Source: The Guardian)

Smog can cause health problems like asthma ,emphysema, and other respiratory infections.

4. Respiratory health problems

It is the most worrying effect in human bodies. When humans inhale these dirt particles ,it enters into the human body which can cause respiratory illnesses .

Health problems due to bad air
Health problems due to bad air
5.Animal species vanishes

Emission levels continue to rise and create threats for human lives. Change in seasonal cycles, change in temperatures, polluted water and air etc. these are the several reasons that species are disappearing from the earth.

How to reduce Air Pollution?
1) Use Public Transport2) Save energy by saving lights
  3)  Recycle and Reuse4) Say No to Plastic
  5) Reduce smoking and burning of waste6) Reduce the use of Air Conditioner
  7)  Avoid Burning Crackers8) Avoid using chemical products
Ways to improve the air quality
Final Thoughts

If we want our future generation to breathe freely. Therefore this is the time we have to change our habits.

During pandemic, India witnessed the fresh air as all the economic activities are shutdown. We have seen that the AQI is drastically reduced thus allowing people to breathe freely.

If we change our habits we will be able to breathe fresh air.

Sometimes your small steps mean a lot!

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