Stop Animal Cruelty


“The greatness of the nation is judged by the way it treats its animal,” said Mahatma Gandhi. The word cruelty itself is inhumane. We see daily that many animals cruelty cases happen daily.

We might unaware of many such animal cruelty cases reported. An animal faces abuse every 60 seconds daily. Every year people killed millions of animals for their fur and skin.

Cases of Animal Cruelty

In Mumbai, four men gang-raped a dog. See how humans have left with no heart.

Another case was from Kerala, which went viral like a house on fire, and it needed to alarm the citizens of India that is what society and surroundings they are living.

A pregnant elephant died in Kerala after eating a pineapple stuffed with crackers which burst into her stomach. And within few hours, she died. A video made by localities went viral on the internet. Now imagine the mental trauma and pain that a pregnant elephant has gone through.

Abusing Animals

A video went viral on social media where 3 men beaten a dog in Thiruvanthapuram.

Hyderabad: 150 stray dogs poisoned, dumped with garbage

Another case recorded where 16 puppies were dead due to the poison given by nursing students.

 In 2017, A man raped a young female puppy up to its death

Animal Cruelty
Animal Cruelty

In 2018, a man raped 3 cows in Vadodara. Section 295A of the IPC, includes these cases, under deliberate and malicious acts done intentionally.

It is a matter of great concern in our nation. Not only do humans possess the right to live on this earth, but every living being has the right to live here. The only difference is they are dumb and driven. And we humans are the epitome of the brain, power, and of all the capabilities.

Out of 29 states in India, 18 states have reported cases of animal cruelty offenses. 

For example, animals are using for scientific research. As for the medical, cosmetic industry, and many more. The use of animal flesh and their skin is increasing every year. The animal body is not for human consumption and the reason is endangered species are on the verge of extinction.

Prevention of Animals cruelty

Law against Animal Cruelty
Law against Animal Cruelty

There are various laws to protect animals from cruelty within the central government and different state governments

  • Preservation of cruelty to Animal Act 1960
  • Wildlife Protection Act 1972. 
  • The Preservation of cruelty Act 1960 established by the central government. This act promote animal welfare and protect the animal from unnecessary pain and suffering. This act gives police all the powers to arrest an offender as they involved in heinous activities against animals.
  • The wildlife Protection Act 1972,established for the protection of animals, and species. Section 51 of this Act talks about punishment. Any person who found guilty against this act shall be punished and imprisoned for 3 years. They should compensate with the same with INR 25,0000/-.
  • The Indian ministry of environment and forest banned captive dolphin shows in 2013. Because dolphins were captured and used for entertainment purposes in some countries.
  • India banned the import of animal-tested beauty products.
  • Thousands of sharks were being killed every year for shark fin soups. Sharks are being thrown back into the sea after removing fins. One of the Indian airlines came forward to protect sharks’ population and ecosystem.
  • As per reports, around 5lac animals were being imported to Nepal from India on festival called Gadhimai. So, on November 14, 2014, the Ministry of Home Affairs ordered to stop such illegal movements of animals from India to Nepal.

So, these laws give a brief idea about the various kind of laws that exist for animal protection, and yes, we can still save animals by such laws.


One person cannot stop so much brutality towards animals. We all need to join hands to hands to work together for the better lives of other living creatures on this earth. 

We should remember that the earth belongs equally to them as well. So we should create a healthy ecosystem for animals to live in.

We must join hands with NGOs who work for the welfare of animals. We can individually feed and care for animals on a small level as well. 

For example, one can feed animals with whatever food one can manage and also arrange water in water tubs at every locality.

Another way is we can arrange big containers to let other people put food in those containers. This will help animals to feed themselves.

 So these little efforts and kindness will not let them go hungry. And these things will make animals feel joyous. 


So, we as an individual should understand that animals too have life and rights as we possess. We need to make people more aware of animal welfare. Because animal lives also matter.

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