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A.2020 Assam floods

2020 province floods in Assam: refers to the numerous flood event of the Brahmaputra River among the Indian north-eastern state of province and coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initial flooding started in might 2020 due to serious precipitation poignant thirty,000 and destroying crops across five districts.

As of Oct 2020 the floods affected over 5 million folks, claiming the lives of 123 folks, With an additional twenty six deaths due to landslides.

assam floods
Assam floods(google image) source: hindustan times

B. Background of Assam Floods

Due to its monsoon climate, the state of Assam is prone to annual flooding. monsoons are important for the largely agriculture , are causing annually recurring destruction of infrastructure, crops, livelihoods and loss of lives.

Daily rainfall data shows an increase in extreme rainfall events, leading to extreme flooding in Assam. High rainfall has caused in climate change in various parts of the Assam.

So in these ways Assam faced many floods in 2020

background of Assam floods
background of Assam floods(google image) source: new indian express

C .Accumulated monsoon rains during July 2020 over Assam which caused in floods:

Accumulated monsoon rains throughout Gregorian calendar month 2020 over province
During the 2020 monsoon season, there was an increase in rain which was experienced across central, north, and northeast India, with fifteen centimeters additional rain than usual by the center of Gregorian calendar month.

By 21 July, the  meteorologic  subdivision of province and Meghalaya had received rain of one,164mm as compared to traditional rain of 894mm throughout the amount, AN way over nearly half-hour.The construction areas of near states, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim conjointly received excess rain nearly to the tune of Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire .and forty fifth severally exacerbating the flood state of affairs.

Individuals reduced to one hundred thirty five thousand the state was facing with prolonged flooding, with 315 villages still submerged.

So in these ways assam faced many monsoon in july in 2020

Assam has faced many destruction by floods and has caused a great decline in Assam’s economy. And also many people died because of floods and heavy rains in Assam.

D. Damages and Destruction caused by floods in Assam:

Flooding and sequent landslides have caused harm to bridges, government buildings, roads, embankments and colleges. The Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, has committed to passing associate ordinance to line up North East Water Management Authority.

To deal with flood and erosion issues ,the solutions were implied to prevent future monsoon seasons from being so devastating millions of individuals living within the flooded space consider crops and farm animal to produce for his or her families.

The flooding began simply before harvest and has caused destruction to over 267,203 hectares of crops in Assam

Assam is home to big life sanctuaries and World Heritage sites that are broken by the flooding.Kaziranga parkland has additionally been affected with over a hundred and fifty wild animals died.

damages by assam floods
damages by Assam floods(google image) source: phongchongthientai

So in these ways mentioned above flood has done a great damage to the assam

E. Relief efforts taken by government for Assam Floods:

Leadership in disaster management and relief operations is ensured by the province State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA). Total 627 relief camps ,1662 relief distribution centers were set by ASDMA, together with proper hygiene and isolation measures for COVID-19 patients .

They have reduced the carrying capability of relief camps and difficulties within the provisioning of food and safe drink. Relief efforts have been provided by NGOs together with Red Cross India United Nations agency to provide relief efforts to Assam

Red Cross India augmented stocks of aid packages across the state to confirm timely relief to the flood affected families. Oxfam India and alternative NGOs have put on attention to the challenges of COVID-19 and intensive flooding in Assam.

Also the minority communities United Nations agency took refuge on embankments and makeshift shelters.Post-disaster response by ASDMA includes compensation schemes for homestead losses, infrastructure repair in conjunction etc.

The twin impact of flooding and Covid-19 connected job-losses increase distress and poorness of around seventieth of the population.

Whose livelihoods agriculture dependent and don’t seem to be eligible for compensation while not formal documentation or land rights.

relief efforts for floods in Assam
relief efforts for floods in Assam(google image) source: new indian express

So these are the above mentioned relief efforts for Assam floods

F. Health diseases for people after Assam floods:

Diseases like Dengue, Malaria, chickenguinia  and Japanese rubour square measure possible to extend in stagnant water left by receding floods.

Treatment of diseases are hindered by concern of the COVID-19 pandemic which causes risk of insect breeding sites which causes infections. Government flood news dated fourteen October 2020 established a complete of 149 deaths ensuing from floods .

Drowning of kids constitutes a according 45% of those deaths caused by kids typically misjudging the strength of the currents. Ladies and youngsters face many problems they cannot get clean water which lead to sickness.COVID-19 cases been caused by the flooding and by proving relief efforts to them.

So these are some above mentioned health challenges for people after destruction by flooding in Assam

Some of the non-profit organizations working for decreasing floods in India are:

  1. GOONJ


The increased floods have caused great destruction in Assam so we should pray for Assam and donate whatever we could do to save this city from this pandemic .

So I hoped you enjoyed reading my blog and gained information about flood status in Assam

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