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This age of social media has brought any act of cruelty towards animals to the notice of the masses. Now, no one can turn a blind eye to the torture done to these speechless creatures. And masses have responded well, trying to help any animal in any possible manner. In this blog, we will discuss how humans have contributed to the well-being of animals and how humans love animals.

Feed Animals
Feed Animals

A recent event

Anger was at its peak when news surfaced that a pregnant elephant had lost her life after she ate a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers. From the most influential celebrity to even a common person, everyone demanded justice for the pitiful creature. Eventually, justice served. This is just one such instance of people uniting against cruelty towards animals.

The advent of social media

We often see celebrities using the tool of social media or any public platform to spread awareness about animals and their welfare. While this includes protests against animal hunting, poaching, or illegal smuggling of animal products, it also includes voices for the well-being of a street dog left injured to death or any other pet animal who is seriously injured.

The reason for this change

One of the significant problems we were facing until now was the lack of awareness amongst the common public. Now people know about the importance of being kind and humane towards animals. Earlier, no one ever bothered if they saw a stray animal lying injured on the street. However, a constant campaign with the help of digital media has done well to wake the sleeping humanity inside humans. Now, people see animals with affection and kindness. 

If affection was not a sufficient reason for promoting animal welfare, people have realized how crucial animals are for a balanced ecosystem and, in turn, for their own existence. 

Why is human intervention necessary

Many animals have become extinct or are on the verge of extinction because of limitless hunting for the monetary interests of few selfish humans. As in the case of the Kerala elephant, many are losing their lives just because of the mischief of some anti-social elements who commit such deeds just for their entertainment. 

As awareness spreads about the decreasing number of animals left and its impact on our lives, everyone stands united, demanding the safety of these creatures.

The role of organizations/authorities

Save Animals

We have seen many NGOs, animal welfare organizations, and many government agencies joining hands and punishing those involved in killing animals. They have also promoted animal safety by creating shelters for all such helpless creatures; They have also repeatedly spread awareness and urged people to join their campaign. 

Efforts by the common masses

While such campaigns were primarily devoted towards wild animals, the common public directed its efforts towards the day-to-day reports of a street animal being tortured by the mischief. 

Adopting Pets

Not only people promoting animal welfare, but they are also finding a close friend in animals too. People have started to adopt animals as their pets and look after them. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying this new company.

My Pet

A few months ago, my neighbors found a street dog in a sorry state of affairs. Our neighborhood decided to adopt that dog, and he has been loyal to us since then. We got him treated properly. Now, we feed him regularly, and he guards our neighborhood against any anti-social elements.


Over the years, animals have suffered a lot at the hands of some cruel humans. However, we still have a chance to redeem ourselves, and we are already moving in that direction. We have put a lot of effort into the welfare of animals and fight against those evils who are hidden amongst ourselves.

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