Be Someone To Make An Impact On Society

SUIF wants to contribute to society and to its vital elements. We are in the way to create an impact on society. In this domain, currently, we are focusing to spread knowledge about the people who are doing social work to help the society and environment. We are focusing on a few categories of society to drive awareness among the people also.

Help Animal

Category A: Animals

Our first category to focus on is Animals. Animals contribute to society in many ways directly or indirectly. Dogs and cats are the most popular cats and despite that, they are found on roads with no care. The same happens to cows and other similar animals. We want to share the work and impact done by social workers in support of animals. And if possible, if we are able to generate the fund to support animals directly, we are ready for that too.

Disaster Response

Category B: Disaster Response

India is a region of diverse land where natural calamities happen frequently. There are various areas in India where these calamities are too much to handle. A large crisis happens where people suffer in getting basic amenities. We want to share stories of the social worker who work to support people suffering in these calamities and make an impact. We are also ready to support disaster response by collecting funds and share it with the people who need them.

Education for all

Category C: Education

Education is the essential need of a child. It not only helps in personal development but helps children to become skilled to get employment during adult age. But despite that, a percentage of children don’t get the proper education for survival in this fast-paced life.

Various social workers perform difficult pathways for few children to get them educated. This is not a simple process, it takes very hard work. We are looking for social workers and are always ready to share their stories over our blog. We even support the children’s education funding and you can directly contribute to our contribute section.

Food for all

Category D: Food

Food is an important aspect of life. Without food, no one can survive. But with the evolution of humans, they started wasting it instead of using it wisely. Garbage of spoiled food is increasing at a tremendous speed. There is a need to share food to places of scarcity, where people actually need food to live their life.

We are starting the initiative to encourage the people who do it and will share their stories on our blog. If any of you want our help to take initiative to support the food crisis, yes we are also into it. For that we can start the funding and start the initiative to work on it.  

Help Old Age

Category E: Old Age

Old age is the vital stage of life, just like childhood age. Few families in the world are so heartless that they leave their old age relatives in an open world. They don’t take care of them. Some became alone for not having any family relative to take care of. There can be many reasons. But the aim is to help them survive.

Various social workers help old age people to survive in this society. They help them by providing free accommodation. Like we said in previous discussions also, we help in sharing stories of social workers to our audience and we also take initiative for helping old age people.

Save the water

Category F: Water

Water is the hottest topic every time. Since humans are evolving and they started polluting the water at a very high rate. This made the water undrinkable and now it contains lots of toxic pollutants. Water is essential to life and it’s our duty to save it. Thousands of people working as social workers with the aim to save water which is not enough. Every human on this planet should have the same aim.

We share stories of the social workers who work to bring a small change in their society. We appreciate them for the work they do and they support the life of other people and nature. We are ready to support the initiative too for those who want to bring the change.

There are few more categories that are also important but we consider them in the miscellaneous category. If your story belongs to the category we didn’t provide. Then you can mention your category and we will present your story.

If you want to talk to us! Shoot us a mail.