We all are a product of patriarchy, we live in a patriarchal world where men make important decisions for women who are capable enough to make decisions on their own. But yet here we are still accepting this and facing oppression and being obliterated by the existence and becoming their live puppets in this oppressed society.

Initiatives taken by our country for gender equality

“India launched the National Mission for Empowerment of Women (NMEW) in 2010, mandated to facilitate the coordination of all programs related to women’s welfare and their socio-economic development across all ministries and departments.” 

The government leads specific initiatives focused on gender equality. But tell me how much good or what impact have they been able to make on the current scenario.

Although it has improved throughout the years, the progression rate is below 10% for a girl child in India. This means India still has a long road to cover even to become comparable in terms of equal expression of gender.

Analytical representation of gender equality in India

“Attitudes have not changed, women have come out for work, but the burden of running a family is still there. Unfortunately, this is not recognized. We have to strike a balance.” By a respondent to EM230 Policymaker Survey, India, Female

Perhaps, you may be able to understand the picture clearly if it is shown in analytical terms i.e. data.

Source: Sonata Software

Gender Equality is a chronic type of shamefulness, common since forever ago. Also, its end will clearly be proclaimed as noteworthy.

Story of a Courageous Lady: Sugathakumari

Sugathakumari was an Indian poet and activist, who was at the forefront of environmental and feminist movements in Kerala, South India. Her parents were the poet and freedom fighter Bodheswaran and V. K. Karthiyayini Amma, a Sanskrit scholar.

Sugathakumari was the founder secretary of the Prakrithi Samrakshana Samithi, an organization for the protection of nature, and of Abhaya, a home for destitute women and a day-care center for the mentally ill. She chaired the Kerala State Women’s Commission. She played a prominent role in the Save Silent Valley protest.

Unfortunately, we lost this gem last year, but what she left behind is a legacy of around 100 years of struggle and a successfully executed plan. She made Kerala women as free as they are right now. She made it clear that whatnot will come. In a nutshell, will look just like a story being told if success is obtained for the right cause. 

A note to all the women across the world

Gender Equality

Ladies across the social and financial range are exposed to viciousness and separation. Its all-inclusiveness makes it probably the greatest barrier in ensuring basic freedoms and building an economical future. Truth be told, ongoing examinations point towards sex fairness as an impetus for the manageable turn of events.

Now as depicted clearly by the above-shown image, you can probably tell by now why Gender Equality is far more achieved than talked about. People claim they respect women but only when they are not crossing their “dehleez” (just a fancy word for the male ego), be it at their homes or in general. God! dare not ask why, because you will get to hear the dumbest explanations possible.

Overcoming this mentality is hard but not impossible. Remember people like us are here to help you cross that “dehleez” and achieve your fairy dreams in reality.

  “Aim for the moon, reach for the sky, let them remember why you outshine.”

By Ishita

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