2020, the world is affected by the deadly virus, COVID-19. It has brought changes in every possible entity of human beings. From the way we do things, to the things we use. We have been advised to maintain proper sanitization before and after every important activity such as eating, handshakes, or touching/using a surface, be it a table or door or a handle of almirah’s handle or window or a car. In short, we need to keep our surroundings sanitized and clean.

During the Pandemic, due to various fake social media posts, many have started to believe that sanitization is not safe for use. They also believe that tactic of China or other superpowers makes us addicted to it. Which later they’ll charge more to suck funds from common people. 

Understanding importance of sanitization

To understand the aspects regarding sanitization, we have to understand what it does, and how it does. Basically, sanitization is possible through the use of some of the other sanitizers, which consist of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. 

These forms of alcohol terminate the harmful abilities of the COVID-19 virus when being exposed to and thus making our surroundings and ourselves safer to conduct our daily life activities. Both these elements have properties that are found safe to human skin, and up to a permissible limit as intake.

A proper garbage collection and disposal system is a must for proper sanitization. Since sanitization doesn’t confine itself to just removing garbage from our household; it extends to proper disposal of them so that no places get hampered. 

Drainage systems should be regularly maintained to avoid choking and ensure a free flow of liquid disposals of grey and black water to minimize various diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. Thus, sanitization importance has increased more from the past year. 


Sanitizing or cleaning and disinfecting an area like workplace or living areas and implementing frequent hand washing to boost hand hygiene of customers and staff and family members. Sanitization is a way to control the spread of SARS-CoV2, for individuals, surfaces, and ambiance.

Since we all know that there’s still no other way to confront this present COVID-19 pandemic situation. To remain on the safer and healthier side, sanitization has become a central tool in our day-to-day lives.

By Ishita

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