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Animals or pets have been an essential part of our lives from the stone age to the modern era. “Save animals and save nature.”-SUIF

With the advancement of technology, we have replaced animals with machines like agriculture by tractors or transportation by vehicle. So, pets these days have only one major purpose which is emotional fulfillment.

The love that someone might receive from animals is simply unconditional. No love in this world can be compared to the love of an animal towards you. So, whether someone purchases a tiny puppy or a kitten or you rescue an abandoned one. The degrees of love shall remain the same irrespective of which pet animal you have by your side.

Being an environmentally responsible individuals we need to think for them to give them a better shelter, a better home. In India, it has been a trend by now that people keep pets, reasons can be many to one.

People shop for pets in the name of adoption. They prefer to purchase the good breed of pets available in a pet shop. Otherwise, one can show love to stray animals as well and one can keep them as pets but we generally don’t find this in real life. 

People can feed stray animals but won’t provide them shelter and a home. There have been cases where people adopt different breeds of pet animals but then it has been found that they end up returning them to the adoption center. They do so due to reasons like they get old and can not take care of the pets anymore. Sometimes, the animals get on with some disease or have behavioral issues like being aggressive. So, they return them back where the pets are left in a state of bewilderment.

Overpopulation vs save animals

The causes for the overpopulation of animals leading from failure to spay or neuter animals leading to reckless breeding habits and abandonment or surrender of offspring. Animal abandonment from owners can no longer take care of or do not want to save animals.

With the finite room capacity for animals that are abandoned or surrendered, overpopulation has always been a key challenge. Though medical and behavioral issues are harder to solve, the overpopulation of healthy adoptable animals in shelters is a problem that can be addressed through machine learning and predictive analytics. 

While it’s very commonly noticed that there are too many animals and not enough homes, it’s also a real-time hazard. Homeless animals are at serious risk on the streets. They can get hit by a car, die of starvation, or even be abused by the rest. So many animals are brought to shelters on a daily basis. We need to help them in a way that is mutually worth it.

Among the 6 to 8 million animals that enter the rescue shelters every year, nearly 3 to 4 million,  i.e., 50% of the incoming animals are euthanized, and 10 to 25% of them are put to death specifically because of shelter overcrowding each year. Since the shelters get overcrowded, the animals too get into a state of pity. Overcrowding leads to not getting enough attention as required. Hence, Each of the animal’s conditions becomes a matter of great concern.

The overpopulation of domestic animals is continuously rising. As a result, animal shelters across the nation are facing the challenge of finding solutions to increase the adoption rates.

Save animals, because it matters

Rarely, because our mind can never be as pure as that of an animal, we often see old cows or dogs left to wander after their prime years of service are over.  People, in general, can throw food at ‘them’ but they can never provide enough shelter. People need to think about it.

There’s a law attached to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering that animals have had, so to prevent them from cruelty, an act came into force in 1960, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is one of the largest animal rights organizations in the world, having more than 6.5 million members and supporters. 

PETA India was founded in 2000 and is based in Mumbai, India. It mainly focuses on issues about animals in laboratories, the food industry, the leather trade, and entertainment.” 

So, in these alarming times, we need to focus on the betterment of these animals because if we won’t then who will?

We should come forward to save their lives, provide shelter to them at some vacant areas at regular intervals. Anyhow, when we still have the empty government plots, we can think of building organizations on a small scale to build shelters on those empty plots and provide them with food and water.


If in the near future we have a pet of our own we would choose one from stray animals. They need to be rescued and will make sure to take care of them as a human because humanity is not just being homosapiens but showing human nature to other living beings too. We will ensure to adopt one from the animal shelter or one from stray animals. This will save a life rather than buying one which will increase the animal husbandry racket.

And we all should look into this that though one adopts an animal or not still it’s our primary responsibility to take care of animals, as we need a better home, food, and happiness. They too need them, they too have families, they too have love in them. So let’s join together in this journey of saving animals of all kinds at a personal level to some organizational level for the betterment of all living beings.

By Ishita

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