Every Drop Matters

Small changes make a big difference, if we want to save the planet’s natural gift i.e., water we should follow some simple Tips &Tricks to save Water.  97 percent of the water which is present in oceans is of no use for human beings as it contains salt, so it’s not good for human consumption. Water which is useful for human consumption is only 1%. So, it is important to use water wisely. 

India is also facing water scarcity like other countries like SOUTH AFRICA, EGYPT, ENGLAND. In many parts of the country, women have to go miles for some liters of water. But fortunately, some of us don’t have to go anywhere so let’s begin this by just some simple steps and here we are saving many lives.

Save Water Save Life
Save Water Save Life

 Why do we need to save water?

  1. Supply is limited

Every human being needs water to survive, but nowadays fresh water is a limited resource. Out of the 70% of the water, only 0.03% is made up of fresh water. So, in order to preserve the most precious resources we should know that we have limited water and we have to save it.

  1. Uses are never ending

We use water in our day-to-day activities. If we want to use it in the future also, we have to save every drop of water from today.

  1. To do farming activities

We require water to grow fruits and vegetables. And if we don’t have water then it will be difficult for farmers to grow in the drought area.

  1. Other species also need water.

Not only human beings but all the species which are on earth require water for their survival. It is highly important to save water for all the species.

Here is the video of campaign run by Hindustan Unilever and through this initiative, has managed to save 450 billion liters of water

Simple tips to save water

  1. Close the tap

Turning off the tap is most important when you clean your teeth or wash your face/hands.

A study shows that running tap uses up to nine liters of water a minute.

  1. Use bowl to wash vegetables

When we wash vegetables in the running tap it will lead to a great wastage of water, so instead of doing this we can use a bowl to wash vegetables and that water can be used in watering plants. 

  1. Use water saving equipment’s 

You can use water saving devices in your toilets/washroom and Kitchen like:

  •  In a flush tank there are 2 buttons so use right buttons while flushing 
  • We can install Aerators on taps which reduces the wastage of water by reducing the flow. According to the reports we can save up to 1200 liters of water in a month.
  • RO is the call for healthy drinking water but to produce only 1 liter of drinking water, RO can waste up to 3liters of water. So, we can use this water in home cleaning, washing, etc. This will save a lot of water and you can simply implement these tricks.
  1. Collect rainwater

We should make a rain water harvesting system during our home construction. Rain water is totally a free source of water and it is a backup for emergencies.


Water Saving Warrior
Water Saving Warrior

“Aabid Surti runs an NGO named the Drop Dead Foundation, who helps in solving the leakage problems in Mumbai households and saving tonnes of water by taking care of plumbing problems.” 



Ultimately, it is our primary duty to take care of natural resources that our planet gift’s us. It’s the only one we’ll get, so we might take good care of it by using different tips and tricks.

                       By contributing little energy and time we can give our planet a happy life. Let’s decide that we will save water for our future generation because if we need life, we have to SAVE WATER. 

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