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Amidst the testing times of Covid, everyone came forward to help one another to the best of their abilities in whatever way they could. The front-line warriors have been working selflessly and tirelessly day and night to make our society better. They ensure proper healthcare and the safety of every individual. 

Sarva Unnati India Foundation extended its heartfelt gratitude to all the healthcare workers and authorities. They have been guarding us ever since the pandemic started. As a small token of appreciation and profound gratitude for the same.

SUIF, the non-profit organization donated wheelchairs for the Gynae and Obstetrics Department. And also office chairs for the Pharmacy Department at Lok Nayak Hospital in New Delhi, on the 15th September 2021.

Sarva Unnati India Foundation(SUIF)

Sarva Unnati India Foundation(SUIF), a non-profit organization committed to constantly raising awareness. We try to create awareness among the masses about the many issues in our society. And that issue requires attention and action sure. In addition, they have also been regularly helping contributors to reach out to a larger group of people and magnify the impact of their work. 

SUIF focuses not only on the prevailing problems. But also sheds light on the initiatives taken by the people with an intent to drive change and make a positive impact in society.

With a core belief of making the world a better place and finding the solution to all kinds of societal problems. Similarly, we constantly works to draw the attention of the masses towards the individuals or groups which are making a positive change in society.

We Donate at Lok Nayak Hospital

Lok Nayak Hospital, a government hospital in New Delhi. It is maintained and run under the Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Delhi. It was named in the honor of the famous Indian Independence activist and politician, Jayaprakash Narayan, the hospital’s foundation stone was laid on 10th January 1930.

Lok Nayak Hospital is one of the hospitals in Delhi. That offers a wide range of healthcare facilities like Blood banks, Pediatrics, Diagnostic Labs, Trauma Services, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Gynae, and Obstetrics, among many others.

Benefits of Donation

Sarva Unnati India Foundation has constantly focused on shedding light on individuals and groups, who are working to bring about a positive change. The sole purpose is to motivate people to do their bit to make our country a better place. 

The contribution not only measured on the monetary parameters. However, it is the effort that only matters. Working as a team towards eliminating social issues helps in creating a community of like-minded individuals. When we individuals are working towards a common goal, therefore, it helps the community keeps growing more and more.

Final Thoughts

Because in these tough times, every contribution matters, no matter how big or small. Therefore, SUIF urges everyone willing to come forward and do their bit for society in whatever way they can. 

By Ishita

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